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Battle of Binh Ba: Video - Battle of Binh Ba

Battle of Binh Ba [AWM F04342 Film courtesy of the Australian War Memorial] silent, 11 MB

This brief film covers a number of aspects of the battle of Binh Ba. In some scenes we see Australians working their way through Binh Ba’s ruined houses - the damage inflicted on the village during the battle is made very clear. Later the cameraman focus on the awful scene that followed the battle, a village square in which lie the bodies of a large number of dead enemy troops. We see also a line of Australians, supported by armour, moving towards Duc Trung on the second day of the battle. Taken together these few moments from a battle that lasted several days manage to convey a sense of the terrible fighting that took place in Binh Ba and the cost of that battle to the North Vietnamese, the Viet Cong and villagers.

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