Australia and the Vietnam War

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Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

9 Squadron: Video - Operation Hawkesbury

RAAF helicopter support for Operation Hawkesbury [AWM F02737 Film courtesy of the Australian War Memorial] silent, 11 MB

In September 1968 No. 9 Squadron helicopters airlifted members of the 1st and 4th Battalions, Royal Australian Regiment (1 & 4 RAR) to an area north of the Task Force base at Nui Dat for Operation Hawkesbury. This film shows the assembled infantry running to board the helicopters for the flight to their landing zone and includes interesting shots of the aircraft in flight over the jungle. Iroquois such as these were the workhorses of the Vietnam War, their value in moving troops to and from operations is well documented. In this operation, carried out amidst thick vegetation in which landing zones were few, the infantry were told resupply would be kept to a minimum. Each man carried four days rations, an emergency ration, four full waterbottles and ammunition.

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