Australia and the Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War

Australia enters - 1962

‘Expected location of some major units as at 1 September 1965’
By 1965, as this map illustrates, Australia’s commitment to the war had grown, with the addition of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR), to the order of battle in South Vietnam. The continued presence of Australian units in Malaya, as part of the British Commonwealth’s Far East Strategic Reserve, reflected Australia’s involvement in the Indonesian Confrontation. It was to this conflict, rather than Vietnam that Australia’s first National Servicemen were sent in 1966. [National Library of Australia Map G8961.R2 1967]

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Map 1962-64 ‘Location of some major units 1962-64’

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Map 1967 ‘Location of some major units as at 1 September 1967’